iMac is a range of Macintosh computers that is also considered as the low cost versions of Apple computer. iMac inbuilt technology are advanced enough against any error, but like the other Apple devices iMac is also not far away from trouble. There are varied types of issues that users have reported due to which they frequently needed to dial a toll-free of expert tech support for iMac. iMac start up issue is also one of them that is considered as the most common issues that many users have faced while using iMac.

There can be many reasons due to which you could encounter startup issue with your iMac. But, nothing to get worried as with the help of expert technical helpline for Apple products, you can easily have a solution for startup issue you are getting while using your iMac. Anyway, you may also read this article to have solution for this startup issue. So, let’s have a look at that:

First check the power connection

Make sure that your iMac is plugged with a power supply. In the case, if the cord is unplugged then it wouldn’t cause any damage. Here, you can try SMC reset again and plug something else in socket to check its’ power connection.

Check all hardware connected to iMac

Make a check that whether all cables are connected properly or not. Here, you may also need to reset the cables by plug-in and unplug to make sure that they are properly connected.


Execute a power cycle

If your iMac is in frozen state and not responding with power button, you can fix it by disconnecting power and forcing it to restart. Here, you may also unplug the cables and leave it unplug for 10 seconds and then plug-in.


Reset the system management controller

In some cases, you may need to reset ‘system management controller firmware’ that can be a last option to try if your iMac is not responding even with power press.


Use recovery mode with disk utility

If disk utility not responding, you may need to reinstall Mac OS X on your system. Your disk may be corrupted, so you need to have recovery mode to fix this issue.


These are some of the ways that you can apply if your iMac wouldn’t turn on. However, if all these tips don’t work, you can dial a iMac technical support number to have support from iMac expert.