The company Apple added many features to MacBook Pro line and this has been happening for many years as of now. This is for the perfection of series because the new versions have the added features associated with them. Some of the brilliant features of the device are keyboard and screen brightness synchronizing with ambient light, change of the folder background color, zooming in on web pages by track-pad etc.

The ambient light censor in MacBook Pro

Because of the ambient light censor, there is control on the brightness on the keyboard as well as the screen. The brightness of the screen shall automatically become dim as you enter the dark room. This is to prevent the impact on your eyes. Because of the keyboard lights, you have the choice to type in dark. If you have not purchased the Mac Pro yet, technical customer support for MacBook Pro shall reply your queries for satisfaction so that you may purchase the product without keeping any tension in mind regarding investment of your hard earned money.

Zooming in on anything- use the control key and trackpad

This operates on Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard. In the system preferences, you can get the full universal access pane. It has the tools making the Mac OS X easy for the people with the disability. Yes, some tools can be funny and no doubt about this fact.


Minimization of Window in slow motion

When you press the orange button located in right corner on top right corner and do this by pressing command-m. By it, the Window in Mac OS X shall be minimized. But if you hold down the Shift key while pressing the orange button, the window shall minimize in a slow motion. When you hold down the Shift key for not minimizing, it shall de-minimize in the slow motion.


Apple Logo on screen—something sensational

When you go to the dark room after turning off the MacBook Pro, Apple logo lights that part of the screen when lit by the foreign object. When you turn on the computer and after that turn off backlight, you shall be able to see on that particular section of screen if you put torch through the Apple Logo.


MacBook Pro - It can overheat

When you do the intensive tasks like editing of the videos, seeing the high definition web videos or operating the demanding games, MacBook pro can overheat. This can happen in MacBook air as well. In case, you are purchasing MacBook air and want to know regarding this, you can take online support for MacBook Air and shall get the satisfying guidance to various queries.