As per the technical analysts, USB Type C is a port with relevance as far as the future is concerned. One can call it as the port of future. With it, you can do the data, video, charging, audio and almost anything you are about to think. Note, this new port can handle anything which also includes the Thunderbolt 3 but if you have the MacBook pro, there could be the issues. Apple made some amendments. Multiple hubs, adapters, docking stations and various other accessories were dropped off.

Thunderbolt 3 devices- work failure

As per the reports, there is a work failure associated with Thunderbolt 3 devices after the test. It happens in both the categories DisplayPort adapter and also the HDMI. According to the technical experts, there was a failure in one USB type C port and issues in one docking station. There is working of the alt-mode devices like the DisplayPort, DVI and the VGA adapters. There were problems with the HDMI. Alt mode makes use of the pins of Type-C port for carrying non-USB signals. Display port carries HDMI. There are some cheap type C cables that are not in favor of alt mode. When you buy the USB type C accessories, it is important to go through the fine print. Detailed information regarding this can also be taken from technical professionals of Apple MacBook Pro.

Checking whether MacBook supports handoff

When OS X Yosemite fuses with IOS 8, you can get the feature handoff and by this particular feature, you are able to make or receive the calls or send or receive the messages on Mac and there is no need to touch iPhone or iPad. There is availability of handoff on the OS X Yosemite and IOS 8. It relies on Bluetooth low Energy [LE] making the feature restricted and operates only on the new Macs. You can go through the compatibility list for checking whether Mac Mini, Mac Pro or MacBook support handoff or not. Tech help for apple is also the option to take the additional details in this area.



For the handoff, there is need of connectivity of the device or its pairing with Bluetooth. Handoff design was made by Apple so that it could work over Bluetooth 4.0[low energy]. If the device is supporting Bluetooth v4.0, it can handle handoff and not the other devices. As per the information of some users, by Bluetooth 4.0 adapter, the handoff could work on the incompatible Macs. But some of the users are not fortunate in this area. Further details for the satisfaction can also be taken from the online guides or through the experts by visiting forums or online chats.