Mac OS Sierra has finally released and now you can easily find with many of the Apple users. Users are really enjoying its’ amazing and innovative about which they were eagerly waiting since the time it was announced to be introduced. Now, it has finally reached, but as it most of the features are new and advanced, so users are also finding many difficulties. Anyway, these difficulties can be easily resolved with a technical phone help for Mac OS X, and thus you can have a smooth functioning with no trouble.

There are many types of troubles that users have reported on Apple discussion forum. These troubles can be easily resolved with a proper support. However, you can also go through this article to know about the issues that users have encountered. This will make you be alert of the issues that you may face while using this latest Mac OS X. So, let’s have a look at that:

While downloading macOS Sierra an error occurred

When users try to download macOS Sierra from Mac app store, then they encountered an error with red message, and thus downloading sudden stops. Here, you can have an technical help for Apple products for an instant support. You can also delete Sierra installer, reboot your Mac and again try to download it.

Copy of installed macOS Sierra is damaged

It happens sometimes that installer download either gets interrupted or become corrupted. Here. It may be that your internet connection would be disrupted, so here you are required to check the internet connection.


macOS Sierra Wi-Fi connection frequently gets disappear

Some users have reported that Wi-Fi connection frequently drop down or running slowly. Here, you need to trash the Wi-Fi, and then you need to create a new network location to have resolution for Wi-Fi problem.


macOS Sierra stuck on Black screen

Some users complained that macOS Sierra while booting get stuck on black screen that give the appearance same as that system is off, but it is on. This issue can usually happen after initial installation or also during update. Here, you need to reset PRAM, NVRAM and SMC. And, for doing this in a perfect manner you can have support from Apple experts.


Apart, from these issues there are many other issues that you may encounter while installing and using your macOS Sierra operating system. Hoever, these issues can be easily resolved with a proper support from Apple technical support number.