Every year Apple is known for producing a new Mac OS X with varied innovative and more modified features. This year Apple has also released a new Mac operating system which is not Mac OS X, but macOS. And, this new operating is named as macOS Sierra. macOS Sierra has finally released among the public on September 20, 2016. Now, people all around world are enjoying its’ newest and amazing features. At the same time, there are also many users who are facing many troubles with macOS Sierra. Here, in this situation users can have an tech support number for macOS Sierra so that they can enjoy its’ features with no hassle.

However, if you have still not upgrade to this latest Mac OS X then you needn’t worry because by having a proper support from Apple experts’ you can easily have an error-free upgrading. Here, you can also have a technical customer support for Apple products so that you could find an immediate solution. Anyways, let’s focus on some features of macOS Sierra that you must know:

Amazing features of macOS Sierra:

1. macOS Sierra is available as a free upgrade, but many people have earlier got access of it by having a public beta.

2. macOS Sierra is available as a free upgrade and it can easily work on any Mac after 2010 and iMac and MacBook from 2009. Some of the new features may not work with older version.

3. Siri is also coming with this new operating system just same as Cortana in Windows 10.Siri is not going to respond with hey Siri because Mac is not able to listen all time. She responds with pop-up as keystroke.


4. This new operating system is a combined with iOS 10, so its’ universal clipboard allow you to save text on your Mac and paste it on an iPad, iPhone or just reverse. Apple ecosystem gets more strongly integrated with by having an automatic unlocking of a Mac.

5. You can easily have a picture in picture that appears with Mac too. You can easily extract video from iPad and can play it on your macOS desktop without having a webpage. The video goes on playing even if switch to multiple tab.


So, these above are some of the features that you can have with your macOS Sierra. However, if you need to have more features then you can dial an Apple technical support number and can also have a perfect upgrading for your new operating system.