As similar to innovative and highly technical products Apple is also known for producing wide range of routers to setup a strong Wi-Fi network. Most of the Apple users prefer this AirPort router because of its advanced technology. But, like the other technology users may also face trouble with this AirPort router. Problem is natural because not everyone is technically superior. Recently, some users have asked for a proper setup and configuration of Apple AirPort base station router with an extended wireless network. Here, in this situation users can have a technical support phone number for Apple Airport router or you may also go through this article post.

To learn about expanding Wi-Fi network, you need to consider some of things. And to know about these considerations, you can have an Apple experts’ support or you may also have an phone support for Apple firewall. You can also go through the instruction shown as below:

First, setup components of an extended network in the category as

· Primary Wi-Fi base station

· Extended base station

Make the configuration for wireless extended network

For creating an extended Wi-Fi network, you need to place extended Wi-Fi stations within the range of primary Wi-Fi base station. If you have already made the configuration of Wi-Fi station then you can do a factory default reset for every Wi-Fi base station.

Make the configuration for primary Wi-Fi base stations

· Turn on power for all 802.11n Wi-Fi stations and make them to appear with AirPort Menu Extra.


· On a Mac select Go > choose desktop applications>Utilities folder > AirPort Utility.

· Now, choose primary Wi-Fi base station and click on continue. If you see message indicating the reset of Wi-Fi base station, click on continue.


· Click on Manual setup and enter the password.

· Now, click on AirPort and then Wireless.

· Now, from the Wireless mode menu click on create a wireless network.

· Make a tick on checkbox showing ‘Allow this network to be extended’.

· Enter name for wireless network.

· Go to the Radio channel selection menu and choose Automatic.

· Click on update.

Now, your extended Wi-Fi base station has been added to the Wi-Fi base station. As, similar to primary base station, you can also configure extended Wi-Fi base station. However, if you find any trouble or you need any support then you can dial an Apple technical support number.