If there is broken Apple Safari browser, it can have an impact on the IOS and Mac but the issue can be solved rightfully without any kind of hurdle. The users of OS X and IOS have different kinds of problems with Apple Safari. One of the issues being commonly reported is the instant crash of the browser once you type into the search box. This problem was first shot to focus by the famous developer Steve Smith. He pointed out that this is something associated with search suggestions feature of Apple. It seemed like the downing of the server that is spoiling the things. The bug was actually confirmed when there was report of this particular issue from three continents.

You can solve it

You can go to the menu and after that switch off the Safari Suggestions. In IOS, within principal page under Safari, in OS X, open app and then move to the preferences. After that, you can go to the search tab. If all this is an extra work, you can just install other browser like Chrome. As an alternative, technical support number for Apple Safari Browser is available readily for any kind of guidance regarding this particular issue.

Safari web browser

As and when, Apple does the release of a big operating system; the company makes the updates of the Safari web browser. It is true that when the OS X EL Capitan was released, it was also not an exception. If you look that the Safari 9 with El Capitan, can find changes in this and these are beneficial. Professionals associated with tech support for Apple shall tell the features in detail if asked without hurry. You have to accept the vital fact that the new safari is always fast than the previous versions and hats off to Apple for this. The company is focusing on amendments and also highlights these. As per Apple, Safari 9 is faster than the competitors Chrome and Firefox when it comes to web applications responsiveness and JavaScript performance.


Improvement in the power consumption

Apple has done the work in the area of power consumption of Safari. By this, the battery of the MacBooks lasts long. As per the claim of the company, Safari 9 provides two hours extra time for browsing as compared to Firefox and Chrome and it goes to 4 hours when you watch the videos on Netflix.


Pinned tabs- a visible feature

Pinned tabs are the visible feature in Safari 9. After opening the site, you can right click on its tab and then select Pin Tab. When you do this, Safari adds small tab with square icon to left of tab bar.