With the release of new version of operating system, Apple makes the update of Safari web browser. The same has happened in the case of OS X El Capitan. There are new features in browser but these are limited. Safari 9 is made available with El Capitan and has the useful improvements associated with it. You can make use of the new features and get the best out of it.

New version is obviously fast

When you make use of the new version of Safari, you shall find it quite faster than the previous versions. Other thing is that whatever the improvements are made by Apple; these are highlighted by the company for the knowledge of the consumers in the different parts of the world. When you compare Safari 9 to Chrome and Firefox, it is faster than both of them as per Apple in the areas like web application responsiveness and JavaScript performance. If you are interested in more information regarding this, you can dial tech help number for Apple safari. You shall get the relevant information whatever asked. As per the claim of Apple, the new version of Safari is six times faster than Chrome as well as Firefox in the areas like the JavaScript performance on popular websites.

Power consumption of Safari

Apple has done the major enhancement as far as the power consumption on Safari is concerned. This is to help the battery of the MacBook last for the long time. In the Safari 9, you can get two extra hours of browsing time in comparison with the Chrome or Firefox and added four hours when the user watches the videos on Netflix. Any addition details regarding the battery information can be discussed with certified tech experts for Apple.


Pinned tabs

One of the new features that are visible is the pinned tabs. You may want to keep the tabs on the website. You have the option to do this with bookmarks or favorites but pinned tabs are a better option. When you open the site, you can right click on the particular tab and then select Pin tab. When you do this, Safari adds a small tab having the square icon that is on the left of the tab bar. For viewing the pinned tab, you can make a click on this. The pinned tabs consume little space and you can reach them through the keyboard shortcuts as well. You can use the command key with the number keys for viewing the pinned tabs. You can witness the pinned tabs on each Safari Window and they remain in Safari despite shutting down Mac. When you commence next time, you have got the same tabs open for you.