Apple makes limited number of routers and these are in the market as of today. You can also find the routers of other brands as well but the signal can be weak. This makes it quite difficult to go wireless in a complete manner. These are the generic routers having many cords and the set up process of these could be complicated. With the help of Apple AirPort router, things have become easy and Apple understands this. You need to simply plug the DSL cable and after that touch and tap through iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

It is just a fear that the PC users cannot probably enjoy the advantages of Apple AirPort. You can set up this router if you are a Windows of Mac user. You can set it up from the computers and utilize them to the fullest extent. The AirPort by Apple comes in two variations. One is the AirPort Express and other is AirPort Extreme. It is not the question which one is better and by the end of the day, it is a matter of selection. There are differences and can purchase the one depending on the suitability. You have the option to take further details through online technical help number for Apple router.

Apple AirPort Express

Apple AirPort Express is small device and operates with the devices that use 802.11a/b/g/n specs. There is a sleek design associated with it. You can also buy the optional mount and because of this; can hang this device on the wall. You can also hang it by the side of the table or at any other place as per the comfort or convenience. If you are the Mac user, the installation process of this router is quite easy. The thing is you have to be versed with the set up being offered by Apple across the spectrum. There is integration of IOS with the set up assistant and also with the Airport utility of OS X. Technical helpline for Apple can also guide regarding any additional knowledge in case interested to purchase the router of this kind.

It is easy to download the airport utility for windows. There is need to establish a guest connection on this particular router so that the personal network is kept private. In the AirPort express, you also have the AirPlay and this permits connection of iTunes to stereo or the speakers.

AirPort Express Extreme

Like the AirPort Express, you can you can plug printer to router for the wireless printing. You also have the option to plug external hard drive to USB port for sharing of the files. Extreme can handle 50 users but the principal difference is in the ports.